Stars of 'Sex Tape' say married couple story line is relatable

Stars of 'Sex Tape' say married couple story line is relatable
Actors Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel attend the premiere of "Sex Tape" at Regency Village Theatre last week in Westwood. (Christopher Polk / Getty Images)

From Kim Kardashian to Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved by the Bell”), sex tapes are common in Hollywood.

But the romantic comedy “Sex Tape,” which hits theaters on Friday, brings the idea to the big screen with a relatable twist.

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play married couple Jay and Annie, who find themselves trying to get “it” back by -- surprise -- making a sex tape. Things get out of hand  when the sex tape accidentally goes public because Jay did not delete the video from the iCloud.

“It’s relatable because it's about a couple who has been together for a really long time, and then kids and work enter the picture,” Segel said at the film’s premiere last week. “The film is about this moment where you realize you don’t have the time anymore to express to your partner you’re still fond of each other.”
Director Jake Kasdan, who worked with the duo on “Bad Teacher,” said the film had both challenges and opportunities.
“I felt like there was an opportunity sort of embedded in this crazy, wild comedy idea to make a movie about a couple,” he said. “A couple that’s trying to take care of their relationship and with all the best intentions does this sort of insane thing -- that’s insane even to them -- and it kind of gets away from them.”
Kate Angelo, who wrote the screenplay with Segel and Nicholas Stoller, also touched on the film’s appeal.
“I think the idea of making a sex tape and then losing it is so mortifying it’s sort of universally cringe-worthy, and that’s what makes it fun,” she said.
The Los Angeles premiere, held in Westwood, was packed with crowds of fans wearing “Sex Tape”-themed robes, shorts and sleeping masks.  Some even climbed on top of the giant letters put on display that spelled out the movie title.

As the stars walked by, fans chanted their names and requested photos. Diaz, Segel and co-stars Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe stopped at various points on the carpet to pose with the fans. 

Others who lined up were able to participate in activities such as a “Sex Tape”-themed Twister and a photobooth that looked like a bed.
As far as box office expectations, Kasdan said he hopes the film is a “good time for everybody.” Earlier this year the R-rated comedy "Neighbors" became a breakout hit so clearly there's an audience for raunchy fun.
“We used to joke that it was going to lead to a lot of sex and a lot of fights,” Kasdan said.
“I hope it spices up people’s marriages,” added Angelo.

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