'Ted 2' trailer: Seth MacFarlane's naughty toy bear wants to be a dad

Watch Seth MacFarlane's hard-living teddy bear fight for his rights in the first 'Ted 2' trailer

The first trailer for the naughty stuffed-animal sequel "Ted 2" has arrived, and it's all grown up. Well, not quite.

Set for release June 26, "Ted 2" finds Seth MacFarlane's hard-living teddy bear looking to become a dad, but the legal system won't allow it unless the potty-mouthed toy can prove his humanity.

Luckily, Ted gets help from his best friend, John (a returning Mark Wahlberg), who steps up as a sperm donor to help his newly married plush pal have a baby and fight the system. The former task, of course, is played for some gross-out laughs at the ol' fertility clinic, while the latter brings in a pair of lawyers, played by Amanda Seyfried and Morgan Freeman.

Courtroom drama and impending fatherhood notwithstanding, maturity would still seem to be in short supply in "Ted 2," as evidenced by some anatomical humor in the trailer involving a blind man. Then again, maturity is not what one comes to a MacFarlane movie for.

MacFarlane is once again directing, cowriting (with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild) and voicing Ted. He and studio Universal will try to build on the success of the original "Ted," a surprise hit in 2012 that took in $549 million at the worldwide box office and became the highest grossing R-rated movie of the year.

They'll also be looking for a bit of redemption after MacFarlane's big-screen followup, "A Million Ways to Die in the West," proved to be a critical and commercial dud last year.

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