'The Walk' trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt steps to the edge

Watch the vertigo-inducing first trailer for 'The Walk,' starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit

Hope you're not afraid of heights. The vertiginous first trailer has arrived for "The Walk," Robert Zemeckis' fact-based drama starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the notorious French tightrope artist Philippe Petit.

Fans of the Oscar-winning 2008 documentary "Man on Wire" will recall Petit's 1974 stunt in which he and a crew of collaborators snuck up to the top of the Twin Towers in New York and strung a cable between them so Petit could stroll across it — 110 stories off the ground.

The two-minute teaser for the film, viewable above, showcases some dizzying angles and makes a pretty compelling case for seeing this one in 3-D, and on the biggest screen possible (assuming you're not acrophobic, that is).

The trailer starts with a shot ascending the side of one of the towers. Petit (Gordon-Levitt) enters the rooftop and gingerly steps onto a protruding I-beam, while Manhattan stretches out below him and the music swells. He looks down and a gust of wind causes him to waver, but he steadies himself and strikes a pose while the camera soars away.

Though Gordon-Levitt is the only person seen in the video, "The Walk" also stars Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz and Ben Kingsley. We should be seeing more of them in the coming months.

Sony Pictures has scheduled "The Walk" for release Oct. 2.

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