TCM Movie Trivia App, Reel Estates now on screens for movie buffs

Two new movie apps, pictured is Turner Classic Movie's iphone app "Movie Trivio," are tailor-made for movie buffs and die-hard couch potatoes. Turner Classic Movies recently introduced its spiffy TCM Movie Trivia App that allows film fanatics to test their movie knowledge by answering hundreds of challenging questions in such categories as Pop Culture Cinema, Musicals & Romance, Tough Guys and Behind the Camera. Questions are in the form of multiple choice, image recognition, image sequencing, mix-and-match and fill in the blank. The app Reel Estates allows users to scout their favorite homes and apartments from movie and TV, including "The Brady Bunch" house in Studio City. The app highlights 400 movie and TV locations across the country including L.A., New York, North Carolina and San Francisco.
Turner Classic Movies
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