'The Uninvited' is inviting on Blu-ray

Lewis Allen's 1944 "The Uninvited" is one of the best ghost stories you probably have never seen. Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey play a London-based brother and sister who fall in love with a beautiful, abandoned seaside house during a vacation to the British coast. They are surprised when they are able to buy the house for a very low price, but they soon find out why they got it for such a bargain. A favorite of directors Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro, "The Uninvited" also stars Donald Crisp and Gail Russell. And Victor Young's lush score produced the hit "Stella by Starlight," based on the film's main theme. Criterion has just released the new digital restoration of "The Uninvited" on Blu-ray.
Keystone / Getty Images
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