Greta Gerwig, lead actress in 'Frances Ha'

How are you? I'm, um, I'm really great. I'm totally shocked and excited and grateful. I did not expect this. This is just as the coffee is hitting me. Hopefully I'll be able to make sentences that aren't grateful, blubbering blurbs. Have you been crying? As soon as you said that, I just started to cry. I've just been laughing. I can't believe it. I had always read about this — all of my favorite actors who have been nominated getting this call. I still feel like I can't believe it because it's been such an amazing year for women — especially in comedy. You're one of the younger people in the race this year. How does it feel to be among a group of veterans? I'm such an avid award show viewer. I feel like when they call the actress nominees every year — it's always the dream team. You're looking at their face on the screen, and they look magnanimous and generous and talented and artistic. Every year feels like it's the big guns. But I feel that way about Jennifer Lawrence, and she's 22 and a big gun. I don't think it's about the age. It's about the weight of their character and talent. On her love for award shows: My friend Becky and I used to put on thrift store gowns and do our hair and makeup to watch award shows. We'd have sparkling apple cider. I've been really into this. ... It was always like a beauty pageant for actors and directors.
Markus Schreiber / Associated Press
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