Ron Yerxa, left, and Albert Berger, 'Nebraska,' best picture nomination

Where were you when you heard the news? Yerxa: I had just gotten up early and hoped that our cable was still working. I watched it in the living room. My wife got up too and made coffee. I'm in Santa Monica. Berger: I was not far from my bed and I was with my wife. My youngest son woke up to join us and we had our two dogs involved in the "viewing party." I'm in Hollywood Hills. What's your reaction to being nominated (for best picture)? Berger: It was fantastic for all the people and everyone involved with the film. It was gratifying that Alexander Payne got nominated .... This movie is a testament among other skills for him as a director. This provides some energy for the film — as in we haven't gone wide yet. Hopefully, this is what Paramount needs to push it into theaters. How are you going to celebrate the nominations? Yerxa: I had an extra banana and raisins on my oatmeal this morning (laughs). [The Oscars are] a great day of celebration. Albert and I are thought of as independent filmmakers and "Nebraska" has an independent spirit. We're looking at a whole different array of ways that films are celebrated. We feel very appreciative and thankful that a film, a character study of a father and son, has a place for that in both worlds.
Annie Wells / Los Angeles Times
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