'Romeo + Juliet,' 1936, 1954, 1968, 1996

William Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers conspire to run away together while their dueling families continue to quarrel. Claire Danes, pictured here, plays Juliet Capulet and Leonardo DiCaprio plays Romeo Montague in this 1996 adaptation. Why it failed/how they broke up: Their families! The apothecary! Impulsive murdering! Miscommunication! The theories are endless. When Juliet is betrothed to Paris, she visits Friar Laurence to get a potion that will put her in a death-like coma so she can get out of the marriage and run away with Romeo instead. She drinks the poison but the message of her plans doesn't reach Romeo in time. He kills himself when he discovers her lifeless body. When Juliet awakes, she sees her dead beloved, takes his dagger and kills herself.
Merick Mortonth / 20th Century Fox
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