James Murphy

Saturday 9 P.M. DON'T MISS Red Hot Chili Peppers. The presiding deans of Los Angeles rock are a fine choice for the headliner slot, both sentimentally and musically. Expect a textbook demonstration of how to put your all into a concert. (Coachella Stage, 9:15-10:30) LCD Soundsystem. (James Murphy, left) The leading edge of the dance-rock juggernaut, the New York band has hit its stride on the new album "Sound of Silver." (Sahara Tent, 9:30-10:20) CATCH IT IF YOU CAN Sparklehorse. Virginian Mark Linkous is a cult hero whose elegant folk-cum-orchestral music is typically suffused with a rich melancholy. (Mojave Tent, 9:35-10:20) Blonde Redhead. Less dissonant now than in their early Sonic Youth apprenticeship, the New Yorkers weave shifting, haunting tapestries. (Outdoor Theater, 8:40-9:30) Girl Talk. James Taylor, ABBA — no artist is safe from being sampled by Pittsburgh's Gregg Gillis, whose sensual pop pastiches and laptop erotica have made him a star in the electronic realm. (Gobi Tent, 8:45-9:30)
Jake Walters
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