Rating the rising frontmen at Coachella

Among other things, the three-day Coachella festival provided a prominent showcase for a handful of young singers whose profiles figure to get a major boost from their shows. Here's a look at a few whose faces and voices figure to be part of the scene for a while:

•  Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys). More playful than on the acclaimed young band's first tour last year, the singer retained an intriguing wariness in his manner during the band's powerful set on Friday. He also sang with a compelling conviction.

•  Luke Pritchard (the Kooks). The Brighton, England, beanpole just looks like a natural, with some of the androgynous allure of "Highway 61"-era Dylan. During the band's set of buoyant pop-rock on Sunday he connected easily and intensely with every corner of the Mojave Tent.

•  Jamie Reynolds (the Klaxons). More a co-frontman, the singer-bassist has an imposing presence and a deranged appearance (a little like John Cleese's angry hooligan character) that added a jolt to the English trio's emphatic Sunday set.

•  Brian Aubert (Silversun Pickups). The singer-guitarist led the Los Angeles indie band through a breakthrough performance in its biggest show ever, on the main stage Friday. In addition to his fuzz-and-feedback guitar invention and raw, powerful singing, he registered with a combination of humility and blue-collar charisma.

•  Darroh Sudderth (Fair to Midland). During the young Dallas band's set on Sunday, the singer went wail for wail with System of a Down's Serj Tankian (who signed them to his label) and later convulsed like Iggy and hit the floor, helping intensify the band's potent emotional hard rock.

•  Tom Gabel (Against Me). Nothing fancy here, but the popular Florida punk band is moving up to major-label level, and in Sunday's Outdoor Theater performance Gabel showed a winning, man-of-the-people spirit and a rootsy musical touch that recalled Social Distortion's Mike Ness.