Michael Jackson Court Case Continues

Michael Jackson The peak: He was the biggest pop star of the 1980s, with his 1983 album "Thriller" ranking for several years as the biggest-selling album of all time. The crisis: General weirdness. Starting with photos of the singer sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber that were published in tabloids in the late '80s through his trial for child molestation in 2005 (he was acquitted on all counts), Jackson has suffered from an increasingly bizarre public image and increasingly lower album sales. The comeback: He's been launching comeback bids for years now. His concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first solo record was overshadowed by the 9/11 attacks just days later. And his comeback album "Invincible" led to a testy war of words with his label, Sony. He's currently rumored to be living in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain and working on another comeback album.
Carlo Allegri / Getty Images
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