Beck changes course with 'Dreams,' his dance-ready new single

Beck's latest song is dance music indebted to the early Nile Rodgers era.

Just months after Beck's surprising win for album of the year at the Grammys, he's back with a new single and a striking new sonic direction. 

The singer-songwriter had earlier hinted at new music, posting artwork for a new song "Dreams" last week. Now the single has arrived, and it's a much dancier reaction to the smooth bummer-folk of his acclaimed "Morning Phase."

The song is built on a hard-strummed, garage-rock riff that quickly gets reenforced with a big disco production. It's dance music indebted to the early Nile Rodgers era, but with just enough glammy rock and roll, '70s acoustic guitars and really strong hook-writing to keep it grounded. 

Beck's experimented with funk and club-friendly material on previous records such as "Midnite Vultures," but this is perhaps his most modern and overt floor-filler yet.

The song is up for streaming and download right now, but there's not yet any info about an upcoming LP to properly follow up "Morning Phase." Surely someone's already slipped a "Yeezus" verse onto a remix of this, and we bet it sounds great. 

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