Missy Elliott remixes Jack U (Diplo/Skrillex) single

Missy Elliott is back on a record, but as a re-mixer, not a lead artist

Just weeks after stealing the Super Bowl halftime show out from under Katy Perry, Missy Elliott is back on a record.

The beloved MC has been in and out of the spotlight in recent years after fighting Graves' disease. But her reputation as a sonically inventive, hugely charismatic pop figure (and as lasciviously feminist songwriter) has only grown since her time away. She played alongside South Korean rapper G-Dragon at KCON a few years ago, and finally returned to stadium-sized stages at this year's Super Bowl.

For all the fans clamoring for new music from her, we can now affirm that she has been in the studio -- but as a re-mixer, not a lead artist quite yet.

Yes, she does rap on the track, and we're glad to have her rubbery, ecstatic rhyming back again -- no one has as much fun behind a mic as she does, and when paired with her technical talent and insouciant attitude, it's a joy to hear.

Listen to the remix here, and keep your fingers crossed that it's another sign of a new LP to come. 

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