Morrissey mobbed at tour opener; movie about singer in development

Morrissey was reportedly mobbed Wednesday night near the end of a concert in San Jose

It's a long-standing tradition at Morrissey concerts, but evidently someone didn't abide by the unspoken rules.

Near the end of the British singer's concert Wednesday night in San Jose -- the first date of a U.S. tour slated to reach the Southland on Thursday -- fans began leaping onstage to hug Morrissey, according to Rolling Stone.



An earlier version of this post said that Morrissey's song "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" would appear on the singer's upcoming album. The song is from Morrissey's 2009 album "Years of Refusal."


That much he certainly expected: The show-closing stage invasion has been a reliable feature of Morrissey's live performances for years, just one of the many ways in which his ultra-devoted followers express their adulation.

But to judge by various video clips posted online, the singer seems not to have enjoyed the overenthusiastic embrace of one fan, who in TMZ's description knocked Morrissey to the ground and led his band abruptly to stop the song it was playing.

"Show closer 'One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell' ended mid-sentence," said Rolling Stone. "Everyone was yanked off the stage, and the lights came up."

In addition to his older material, Morrissey reportedly played (or half-played) three songs slated to appear on a studio album due out in July. Titled "World Peace Is None of Your Business," the record -- Morrissey's follow-up to "Years of Refusal" from 2009 -- is to be his first under a new deal with the recently revived Harvest Records label.

The singer's tour is to stop Thursday night at the Observatory in Santa Ana before moving on to the L.A. Sports Arena on Saturday for a gig that will also feature the veteran Welsh entertainer Tom Jones.

In other Morrissey news, a British production company announced Thursday that it's begun development of a movie about the singer, titled "Steven" after Morrissey's first name.

In a statement, Honlodge Productions described the biopic as "a portrait of Morrissey's early life prior to forming a legendary songwriting partnership with Johnny Marr," the guitarist in the Smiths. Among "Steven's" producers, according to the statement, is Orian Williams, who worked on Anton Corbijn's recent film about Ian Curtis of Joy Division.


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