Paul McCartney postpones start of tour due to illness

Paul McCartney postpones some U.S. tour dates due to illness

Music legend Paul McCartney postponed the start of his upcoming U.S. tour Monday because of a lingering illness that caused him to spend several days in the hospital, according to his website.  

The 71-year-old Grammy-winning icon has rescheduled some dates of his "Out There" tour, which was supposed to kick off in Lubbock, Texas, this Saturday.

McCartney came down with an undisclosed virus last month, which his doctor said requires him to continue resting, according to his site.

"I’m sorry but it’s going to be a few more weeks before we get rocking in America again,” the former Beatle said in a statement. “I’m feeling great but taking my docs' advice to take it easy for just a few more days. Look forward to seeing you all soon.” 

The tour will now start July 5 in Albany, N.Y. The June 14-26 concert dates have been rescheduled for October.



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