Rihanna has a new single (not an album) dropping Thursday

Good news, Rihanna has a new single dropping tomorrow. Bad news, the Net thought it was an album

At a time when surprise releases are the new normal, Rihanna did the unimaginable: She actually gave fans a heads up that new music was coming in fewer than 24 hours.

After posting a photo on Instagram with a Frida Kahlo-esque look with the hashtag #BBHMM and a link to her website, Twitter immediately went into a tizzy. 

Fans quickly figured out the Braille on the left side of the cover reads “Bitch Better Have My Money” (which has to be the most hilarious, and fully on brand, title we’ve seen from a pop star in ages), and speculation ran wild that this constituted a warning of the imminent arrival of her highly anticipated new album.

Her website crashed, blogs went into overdrive and we all turned into giddy teenagers. 

But life isn't that great. Yet.

We did a little digging and we realized she's most likely putting us on notice for a new song -- hopefully one we can break a sweat to -- and not her full length. And by digging we mean we just saved the image to our computer and the file read "BBHMM-Single-Art." So there.

It's OK to feel let down. Rihanna hasn’t dropped an album since 2012’s “Unapologetic” -- her seventh in seven years -- and the wait has been brutal.

Adding to the excitement is the rollout for the album has largely been shrouded in secrecy.

In January, she casually dropped the album’s first single, “FourFiveSeconds,” which she performed at the Grammys. But she’s been tight-lipped about the project since, save for a few snippets, including "American Oxygen," which scored March Madness promos.

Kanye West announced he was executive producing the project, which is her first under Roc Nation. 

And the wait continues. 

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