Tobias Jesso Jr. is the only thing Adele has tweeted about this year

Adele is really into Tobias Jesso Jr. and you should be too

While Adele has yet to offer any of her own music, she is turning us on to something new.

The British songstress used her Twitter for the first time this year to link a video from rising singer Tobias Jesso Jr.

“This is fantastic, click away” she wrote in championing Jesso’s latest single, “How Could You Babe,” to her more than 21 million followers. Talk about a co-sign.

And not that Adele needs validation of her musical tastes, but she’s absolutely right.

Jesso’s piano ballad is as beautiful as it is devastating, filled with the kind of dejected loneliness that comes with crushing heartbreak.

"Well, have you lost your memories / Did you wash 'em down the drain / And did you have some help deciding to forget my name," he sings on the weeper.

The song’s melancholy is dialed up further by the music video, which sees the big-haired singer pounding his piano all over Los Angeles. There may be shots of sunshine, palm trees, crystal blue ocean waves and L.A.’s sprawling skyline, but Jesso is taking it all by himself, desperately wondering how a past love could move on from him.

“How Could You Babe” is lifted from Jesso’s debut album “Goon,” which arrives March 17, and he’s set to play the Echo on April 4.

As for Adele's album? We're still waiting.

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