'Untitled Unmastered' appears on Spotify -- Is a new Kendrick Lamar album coming?

The title, tracklist and album art say almost nothing, but it's already the most talked about album of the week.

Kendrick Lamar, fresh off his incendiary Grammy performance, might have a new record coming any day. An album billed as "untitled unmastered."  appeared on Spotify as a placeholder after several days of speculation from Lamar's label bosses at Top Dawg Entertainment. 

The tracklist consists of eight songs, all "untitled" save for various dates stretching from 2013 to this year. The release date is slotted for Friday, March 4.   

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After the Grammys, TDE head Anthony Tiffith mentioned — in a Twitter conversation with LeBron James — that he was genuinely considering James' suggestion of releasing the many untitled Lamar tracks that the rapper had performed on television in recent months. 

In recent months Lamar had performed various new and untitled songs on the airwaves, including the Grammys, "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" and "The Colbert Report."

Then two days ago, Tiffith took to Instagram to add, "Ive decided 2 drop a project 1 day this week. I won't say wut day or who. It cud be 2nite So don't ask me jus stay close to the net. Is this Kool with y'all?"

Taken together, an awful lot of signs point to we'll likely get a compilation of new-ish Kendrick material, his first since "To Pimp A Butterfly," before the weekend arrives.  Stay tuned.

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