Watch: Justin Timberlake mimics Michael Jackson in 'Love' music video

Justin Timberlake codirected a new music video for Michael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good'

Even the most diehard Justin Timberlake fan can probably admit that the young star adds little to "Love Never Felt So Good," the new-old Michael Jackson song that appears no fewer than three times -- including as a superfluous duet with Timberlake -- on the deluxe edition of Jackson's just-released "Xscape" album.

Still, there's no denying Timberlake's heartfelt admiration for the King of Pop, especially as seen in a music video for "Love Never Felt So Good" that was posted online Wednesday.

Codirected by Timberlake, the clip intercuts scenes from Jackson's classic videos -- "Billie Jean," "Bad," "Remember the Time" -- with footage of Timberlake doing some iconic Jackson dance moves.

And doing them well, we should add: He's got the readjusting-his-zippered-leather-jacket thing down cold.

As if to defuse further any skepticism you might feel about the entire "Xscape" project, the "Love Never Felt So Good" video also features a handful of insanely cute kids dancing and singing along with the song, which was already super-ebullient to begin with.

Do they get the job done? Duh. We're not monsters, people.

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