Watch: Sam Smith accompanies an affair in 'I'm Not the Only One'

Dianna Agron and Chris Messina star in the music video for Sam Smith's song "I'm Not the Only One"

Sam Smith has spoken in interviews about the inspiration for his hit debut, "In the Lonely Hour," which charts the British soul singer's feelings for a would-be lover who spurned his advances.

Yet director Luke Monaghan tells a different story in the music video for "I'm Not the Only One," a slow-rolling cut from the album that came out in this country last month to warm reviews and big sales.

Starring Dianna Agron (of "Glee") and Chris Messina (of "The Mindy Project"), the clip, posted Friday on YouTube, depicts the two actors as a married couple living in what appears to be domestic satisfaction -- at least until Messina's character leaves home for what we're led to believe is a day at the office.

That's when he goes instead to a dimly lighted bar and starts doing shots with another woman, while Agron takes a glass of wine out to the pool and turns on the waterworks.

No spoilers here, but soon she's inside a convenience store replenishing her Chardonnay supply and grabbing bottles of lighter fluid. Like Smith's album, it's a bit overwrought -- but stylishly effective nevertheless.

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