Musician Glen Campbell, 1997

In her 1997 autobiography "Nickel Dreams," singer Tanya Tucker alleged that physical abuse was a staple of her brief early '80s affair with singer Glen Campbell, when he was 42 and she was 21, with the violence often playing out in front of others. Here's what she wrote of one alleged episode: "[F]inally Glen reared back his arm and brought his elbow down in my face, shearing off my two front teeth right at the roots.... I reached my hand up and felt my mouth, and there was a gaping hole where my teeth should have been.... I was without front teeth for a week, and from that time on." Although Campbell denied Tucker's claims and was never prosecuted, he had discussed their stormy relationship in his own autobiography published three years earlier, "Rhinestone Cowboy," in which he wrote, "We even fought during sex once or twice."
Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times
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