So there won't be an O'Donnell-Olbermann power hour after all.

Talks between Rosie O'Donnell and MSNBC about giving the outspoken comedian her own prime-time talk show ended this week after news of the negotiations became public.

The main sticking point, according to a person familiar with the discussions, was compensation. O'Donnell apparently requested a salary more suitable for a broadcast network than a cable news operation.

MSNBC was considering adding O'Donnell to its weekday prime-time lineup at 6 p.m. PT following "Countdown With Keith Olbermann." Such a move would have required bumping Dan Abrams, the network's former general manager, who just returned to the air full time with a new show in that time slot.

It would have been O'Donnell's first full-time television gig since she abruptly quit the ABC daytime talk show "The View" in April.

She confirmed the death of the deal on her blog this evening. In a post titled "the show that never was," she wrote: "msnbc one hour live following keith olbermann we were close to a deal almost done i let it slip in miami causing panic on the studio end well what can u do 2day there is no deal poof my career as a pundit is over b4 it began just as well i figure everything happens for a reason bashert -- as we say and on we go "