Royal Wedding Quiz No. 3: Test Your Royal Knowledge

By Nardine Saad, Los Angeles Times

Prince William and Kate Middleton. (Mario Testino / Associated Press)

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  • 1. What is Prince William and Kate Middleton's favorite song?

    • A. "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John

    • B. "I Like The Way You Move" by the Bodyrockers

    • C. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles

    • D. "Gold Forever" by The Wanted

    • E. "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga

  • 2. After William and Kate get married, she cannot...

    • A. vote, eat shellfish or wear shorts.

    • B. vote, eat shellfish or run for public office.

    • C. be queen, order takeout or run for public office.

    • D. vote, travel alone or wear shorts.

    • E. All of the above

  • 3. What is Prince William's role in the Royal Air Force?

    • A. Prince / Squadron leader

    • B. Wing commander

    • C. Search and rescue pilot

    • D. Group captain

    • E. None of the above

  • 4. Who will conduct the royal wedding ceremony?

    • A. Pope Benedict

    • B. Duke of Edinburgh

    • C. Queen Elizabeth II -- the head of the Church of England

    • D. Archbishop of Canterbury

    • E. All of the above

  • 5. The acorns in Kate Middleton's coat of arms symbolizes...

    • A. The trees that grow in her hometown

    • B. England

    • C. Kate, her sister Pippa and her brother James

    • D. Strength

    • E. All of the above

  • 6. Prince William broke tradition by naming Prince Harry his best man. What tradition did he break?

    • A. Choosing a family member instead of a friend.

    • B. Calling him a best man instead of a supporter.

    • C. Not choosing the male cousin closest to his age as best man.

    • D. Appointing the bride's male sibling to the bridal party.

    • E. None of the above. He did not break tradition.

  • 7. What is Kate Middleton's hometown?

    • A. Gloucestershire

    • B. London

    • C. Berkshire

    • D. Bucklebury

    • E. Stratford-upon-Avon

  • 8. Who designed the lingerie-style dress Kate Middleton modeled at a St. Andrews' fashion show that caught Prince William's eye?

    • A. Topshop

    • B. Luella Bartley

    • C. Charlotte Todd

    • D. Alex Temperley

    • E. Chelsy Davy

  • 9. What scandal is Prince Michael of Kent best known for? Hint: He was brought up when people criticized Kate Middleton's heritage.

    • A. Cheating on the Duchess of York

    • B. Renouncing his succession to the throne

    • C. Pining after Princess Diana

    • D. Exploiting his royal status for commercial gain

    • E. Being Sean Connery's doppelganger

  • 10. Prince William will spend his last night as a single man at...

    • A. Goring Hotel

    • B. Kensington Palace

    • C. Buckingham Palace

    • D. Hyde Park

    • E. None of the above

  • 11. Who announced to the public that Lady Diana Spencer was a "bona fide" virgin before she married Prince Charles?

    • A. Her uncle Lord Fermoy

    • B. Her father Earl Spencer

    • C. Her fiance Prince Charles

    • D. Her uncle Lord Spencer

    • E. She did

  • 12. Which of these is Prince William's nickname?

    • A. Little Charles

    • B. Babykins

    • C. Towhead

    • D. Wombat

    • E. None of the above

  • 13. True or False: Prince William and Kate Middleton are related.

    • A. True

    • B. False

  • 14. Kate Middleton will be tying the knot at age 29, making her...

    • A. the only future royal to ever marry at that age.

    • B. the youngest in her family to get married.

    • C. the youngest person to marry at Westminster Abbey.

    • D. the oldest bride royal bride ever.

    • E. None of the above

  • 15. The royal household does NOT...

    • A. sign anything unofficial or play Monopoly.

    • B. converse with valets or buy its own groceries.

    • C. continue a meal after the Queen is done or go fishing.

    • D. drive cars or read John Grisham novels.

    • E. None of the above

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