Swedes make a mean cup of joe

•I'm thinking I would've loved watching "The Queen of Versailles" with my late grandmother. It would've been awesome and amazing to see her reaction to the vulgarity and cheapness. If I'd had to look at the Queen's massive chest one more time, I was gonna throw up.

•When I shop at the really cold So-Do Target, I have to layer before I step inside.

•I've given up on "Once Upon as Time" (too many characters) and "Glee" (if I want to see bad lip-synching, I'll watch the Macy's parade). My jury is still out on "Revenge" and "Nashville."

"Life of Pi" is really beautiful in 3-D, especially the opening-credits sequence, but knowing that a lot of the tiger stuff is fake is distracting at times.

•We had dinner at Cask & Larder, a beautiful new space in Winter Park, and it hit me what I don't like about these artisanal restaurants: They're too fussy. Although my red snapper was delicious (if slight), a weird crudite salad came with such overpowering dressing, I couldn't tell which veggie was which.

•Frankly, the world would be a better, healthier place without Twinkies, Wonder Bread and Ding Dongs. It's a world fatty Americans should live in.

Trivia question

Who sang the title song to the James Bond movie "Thunderball"?

Trivia answer

Tom Jones



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