Angelina Jolie

By Elizabeth Snead, Special to The Times When it comes to celebrities, confirming a baby on board has become a tiresome, months-long game of hide and chic. Hey, is that a baby in Nicole Kidman's belly or did she just have a really big lunch? Hmmm. Did Nicole Richie always carry an enormous purse and/or pillow or is she cleverly concealing an extra 20 pounds of baby ballast? Wow. Is Lisa Marie Presley packing on the El Bees like her ... oh, I'm not even gonna go near there! The problem is that although celebrities often refrain from revealing their happy news way past the all-too-obvious point, our eyes just do not lie. And we know when the stork is in the hood. But in the end, an appearance on a red carpet in a snug, body-hugging dress is a tacit way to acknowledge the obvious without saying a word. And saves your publicist from having to issue a statement. Smart Angelina Jolie did just that at the Spirit Awards this year. Photos of her in that snug black dress, revealing an unmistakable baby on board (or two?) spoke a thousand words. Nuff said. So let's admire a few of the most memorable recent games of bump and hide.
Gabriel Bouys, AFP / Getty Images
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