Mark Walberg

The 'Eerie Zen of the Friendly Ghost' Host Practitioners: "Survivor's" Jeff Probst, "American Idol's" Ryan Seacrest, "Don't Forget the Lyrics'" Wayne Brady The new kid: "The Moment of Truth's" Mark Walberg The style: We know their names, we know their faces, but just who are these guys? They may be integrally attached to their massive prime-time network shows, but the day after they air, chances are we'll be talking about anything but the host. They're safe, non-threatening and completely evaporate with the coming of first light. The Ghost Host often moves silently from show to show, leaving nothing but the faintest hint of an impression. So Jeff Probst occasionally contributes "Survivor" related clues on "Jeopardy" and Ryan Seacrest appears on E! News and unless you are a relative, their appearances are as notable as clouds on a moonless night.
Joe Viles / AP
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