Joshua Jackson, 'Shutter'

By Stephanie Lysaght and Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers Joshua Jackson You knew him as: Good-natured class clown Pacey Witter. Now you know him as: Despite having made a bunch of movies since his days on “Dawson’s,” starred alongside Patrick Stewart in a successful play in London’s West End, and gotten in a fight with a security guard while drunk, Jackson is still best known as the good-natured class clown Pacey Witter. Where you’ll see him next: Jackson stars in the horror film “Shutter” opening this weekend. He’s also rumored to be playing Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher (the newspaper detective character that Chevy Chase made popular) in a new installment of the franchise — “Fletch Won” — slated to come out in 2009.
Bill Kaye / 20th Century Fox
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