'Ny-Lon' Elish Cuthbert

“Ny-Lon” Who's in it and where you’ve seen them: You may remember Elisha Cuthbert in films such as “The Girl Next Door” or as Kim Bauer, the disaster-prone daughter dodging terrorists and cougars in TV’s “24.” Who’s behind it: "Ny-Lon," based on a British series, is produced by ABC Studios and would air on CBS. Written by Patricia Carr and Lara Runnels, who both wrote for “ 'Til Death,” “Reba” and “Boy Meets World.” Why you’ll watch: British shows adapted to American audiences can be a winning equation — “The Office,” “Sanford and Son” (Britain's “Steptoe and Son”) and “Three’s Company (the British “Man About the House”). If nothing else, watch to see whether bombshell blond Cuthbert brings her “24” wide-eyed on-the-run look to her transatlantic relationship with a London stockbroker.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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