'The Odd Couple 2'

"The Odd Couple II" Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were a couple of swells -- actors who could handle comedy and drama with the greatest of ease and had an amazing chemistry together on screen. They first teamed up in the 1966 Billy Wilder comedy "The Fortune Cookie" for which Matthau won a supporting actor Academy Award as Lemmon's sneaky lawyer brother-in-law. But they are best known for playing the mismatched roomies Oscar and Felix in the 1968 film version of Neil Simon's hit play "The Odd Couple." So on paper, it probably looked like a great idea 30 years later to get Simon to write a sequel for the pair. But the jokes were as stale as week-old rye bread. And there are a few tasteless moments that make you want to cringe. Lemmon and Matthau made an Olympian effort to make this 1998 film funny, but it's all for naught. What makes "Odd Couple II" even sadder is that this was their last film together. Matthau died two years later, with Lemmon following in 2001.
Marsha Blackburn / Paramount Pictures
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