Steven Spielberg

The feud: Uwe Boll vs. Steven Spielberg The accusation: Boll claimed his terrorism satire “Postal” would "go out and destroy 'Indiana Jones' at the box office.” The back story: Boll fired off the missive trashing Spielberg to movie website Bloody Disgusting and it gets picked up everywhere -- but we’re 99.9% sure no one saw “Postal,” which didn’t report any box office results for the 13 theaters that released the film last month. The trash talking: All Boll, all the time: “Spielberg gets sloppy. We saw that with ‘War of the Worlds,’ and also in parts of ‘Jaws,’ ‘E.T.,’ 'Munich,’ etc. My performance in ‘Postal’ as Nazi Theme Park Owner outperforms easily Ben Kingsley’s in ‘Schindler’s List.’”
Nina Prommer / EPA
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