Don't Call These Hunks "Four-Eyes"

Is there a guy in your life reluctant to wear the glasses he so obviously needs? Emphasize the coolness factor of eyewear with a run down of some of the celebs who sport their vision correction as fashion. No one ever calls these hunks "four eyes." From Johnny Depp's retro eyewear to Bono's colorful specs and the hard, clean lines of Eminem's Oliver People's wire rims, glasses are hot. These top 10 dudes are on a lot of women's "I'd like to make a spectacle of myself with him" lists. Maybe you can make your man "see" he should be, too.

Johnny Depp: He has an eyewear line named for him.

Eminem: Raps in clean, hard styles.

Bono: His wraparound Armani's are cool in any color.

Taye Diggs: We can Digg it!

Alex Baldwin: Everything he touches turns handsome.

LL Cool J: The ladies love his stylish specs.

John Cho: The Star Trek hottie can beam us up any time.

Matt Damon: We like 'dem apples.

Jamie Fox: He sports Gucci's that look good inside and out.

Rivers Cuomo: Weezer's lead guitarist goes for the big Geek frames.

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