Calendar Letters: A transcendent talent

Calendar Letters: A transcendent talent
Yuja Wang and the L.A. Philharmonic conductor bask in post Bartók adulation. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Mark Swed says Yuja Wang is "on the path to becoming one of the world's most important pianists" ["A Thrilling Adventure," June 5]. I'd go further. I've been through Horowitz, Rubinstein, Van Cliburn, Schnabel. I think Yuja Wang is spectacular beyond all of them.

Seeing her perform the Bartok concertos this week and, last year, the Ravel G Major and the Gershwin Rhapsody, convinced me that she is beyond comparison. Every piece she plays is like hearing it for the first time. And, of course, everything she wears is like seeing it for the first time.


Bob Klein

Foundation for New American Musicals, Culver City

Did Adam West ruin Batman?

Regarding "Adam West, Our Forever Batman" [June 12]: I feel exactly the opposite. As a child, I was an aficionado of DC comic books in the '50s and early '60s. When I happened to see a comic book during the show's run, I saw that the TV show's campiness had even polluted the comic books. He was the worst Batman ever, even worse than George Clooney.

Mark Temple

Huntington Beach

They're sticking with TV's 'Fargo'

Regarding "Underrated / Overrated" [June 11]: Sorry, but my wife and I agree that the third season of "Fargo" is the finest hour of quality television currently being aired.

Bob Shapiro

Goleta, Calif.

Cosby's career vs. allegations

The beaming, sweater-clad visage of a younger Bill Cosby dominated the front page of the Calendar section, topping a story that pondered whether his sexual assault trial might obscure his trailblazing life's work ["When a Legacy Is Compromised," June 10].

The article referred to "vivid testimony about intimate encounters, personal betrayals and deceptive behavior" in the context of the damage done to his legacy.

If the article (which had no picture of the current Cosby, just another one of him beaming among his TV family from those early days) was meant to induce sympathy regarding the destruction of that legacy, it failed with this reader.


Elise Power

Garden Grove


Surely we have to separate Bill Cosby's career achievements from his legal woes. Currently Phil Spector sits in jail having been found guilty of murder, but the fact that he is the finest and most influential pop music producer of all time must never be denied him. I feel that outstanding artistic accomplishments must never be forgotten.

Alan Warner

Los Angeles

Comey's all-too familiar situation

Regarding "Tense Comey Appears All Too Human" [June 9]: The parallel you drew between the discomfort Comey felt when meeting with the president — his boss — and many, many women who have been in that very same position, was insightful.

The moment I heard that Comey took notes directly after his first meeting with Trump took me back to a time when I felt compelled to do the same thing involving unethical acts by my new boss.

Carol Nelson


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