Kristen Wiig: Supporting actress in a comedy

Claim to fame: Her many roles on "Saturday Night Live," like leaving customers stranded at the register in her Target lady sketches, creating classroom chaos as Gilly and doing drunk impressions of Kathy Lee Gifford on "Today." Did you know: Before becoming a household name, Wiig starred in the fake reality show "The Joe Schmo Show." A group of actors, including Wiig, pretended to be competing for a $100,000 prize, but in reality all their antics were done as a hoax for one unsuspecting victim. Wiig played Dr. Pat, a marriage counselor who had been married multiple times. Other credits: Aside from her leading role as down-on-her luck Annie in the raunchy chick flick "Bridesmaids," Wiig's funny film roles include a slightly neurotic E! exec in "Knocked Up," roller derby princess in "Whip It" and amusement park manager in "Adventureland".
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