3. Jacob and the Man in Black (Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver and others)

This may be an unpopular choice after "Across the Sea" proved so divisive, but "Lost" needed to come up with two demigods who could be the men behind the curtain and did well in casting these two. Pellegrino was everywhere in the Season 5 finale, seemingly resurrecting Locke, hanging out with kid Kate and kid Sawyer and visiting Sun and Jin at their wedding. Welliver has made fewer appearances but has exuded a barely restrained menace every time. And no matter what you thought of "Across the Sea," it is a good explanation for just why these two feel such antipathy for each other. Finest hour: The first scene of Season 5's "The Incident" introduces us to the two, and it's a doozy, as the two exchange dialogue that seems straight out of a Biblical tale or a Samuel Beckett play.
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