Middle East
Risking kidnapping, or worse, we explored Islamic State's self-declared caliphate in Syria. Here's what happened

Denise Grayson

It's good to have friends in a Facebook world. Just ask Denise Grayson, who was wide-eyed and maybe a bit bewildered as she was one of the first arrivals to make her way down the carpet. "I feel like Cinderella," said the Hollywood newcomer, who was a Wall Street lawyer before taking a new path with a supporting role in "The Social Network." "To get this oppoprnity, to work with people like Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher on a first project, I can't even put it into words." She dismissed the idea that the movie is about technology. "It's about creativity and communication on a human level," she said. "It's a story that all of us can relate to on a deeper level." -- Geoff Boucher
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
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