Abruptly departed: Ann Curry Lasted: One year (2011-2012) Why she left: During Curry's tenure the morning juggernaut was bested in the weekly ratings by ABC's "Good Morning America" for the first time in 16 years, ending an unprecedented 852-week winning streak. It was beaten three more times since then. Curry's perceived lack of chemistry with co-host Matt Lauer, left, was widely believed to be a contributing factor in the show's decline, though Curry rejected that idea. How it went down on air: Curry revealed that she would be leaving in a USA Today interview published the morning of her departure, June 28, 2012. Later that morning, the host bid farewell to her viewers dressed in a bold red dress but otherwise appearing downcast. She said that she would be moving into a new position as "Today" anchor at large and a national and international correspondent for NBC News.
Richard Drew / Associated Press
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