'Friends' (1996)

The plot: This double episode, aptly titled "The One After the Super Bowl," features the gang on a film set. Joey wrangles with a crazed stalker (Brooke Shields), Ross chases after his kidnapped monkey Marcel, Chandler pursues a girl he used to bully (Julia Roberts), and Monica and Rachel fight over the film's star-- Jean-Claude Van Damme. / How many watched: 52.9 million / Touchdown or Fumble: Touchdown. With six guest stars (Dan Castellaneta, Chris Isaak, Roberts, Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Fred Willard), not only was "The One After the Super Bowl" the series' most watched episode, it is the clear ratings winner among all post-Super Bowl television shows. Director Michael Lembeck won an Emmy for the episode and Shields' cameo landed her "Suddenly Susan" the next season.
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