Zach Braff "Scrubs" (2001-2010) Pre-Op: Braff, who was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder at 10, wanted to be a filmmaker from his earliest years. While still a teenager, he attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in New York, and he graduated with a degree in film from Northwestern University. He began his professional career doing Shakespeare at New York's Public Theater and appeared in Woody Allen's 1993 film "Manhattan Murder Mystery." Scrubs: Braff, 34, hit paydirt in 2001 as the offbeat charming intern John J.D. Dorian on the quirky NBC comedy series (now on ABC). Braff has been nominated for three Golden Globes and an Emmy. Though not traditionally handsome, he has an endearing cuteness that has made many a young woman's heart flutter. And he's parlayed his starring role into an acclaimed film career. He won a Film Independent Spirit Award for 2004's romantic comedy "Garden State," which he starred in, wrote and directed. He also won a Grammy for "best compilation sound track for a motion picture" for the film. However, two starring vehicles, "The Last Kiss" and "The Ex," were not well-received.
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