Oprah sheds light on the AIDS crisis (1987)

AIDS patient Mike Sisco made national headlines in 1987 and Oprah was right there to help elevate his story. Sisco, a gay man who contracted the virus while living in Dallas, returned to his hometown of Williamson, W. Va., to live out his last days. First, some of his family members shunned him and then rumors about him spread, but the tension in town caught media attention when Sisco tried to take a swim in the public pool. "They kind of ran like in those science-fiction movies where Godzilla walks into the street," Sisco said. Oprah traveled to Williamson in Season 2 and held a town hall meeting where Mike and the residents had a chance to speak out and tempers flared. Oprah returned to the small town 23 years later to find out how the residents' beliefs had changed, finding many remorseful. Sadly, Mike passed away in 1994.
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