'My So-Called Life'

If words like "valedictorian" and "homecoming queen" send you into cold sweats, congratulations, you are completely normal. For ages, television shows have tried to capture the high school experience in all its glory and terror. From the loveable misfits on "Freaks and Geeks" to the enviable cool kids on "Gossip Girl," every show interprets high school differently. Here are some of the gems that helped define the most traumatic four years of a teenagers' life. 'My So-Called Life' Ah, Jordan Catalano, you hurt so good. Not only did this show about fumbling high-schoolers put Claire Danes and Jared Leto on the map, it also inspired impressionable teens to dye their hair with Manic Panic and purchase several oversized chenille sweaters. It was a tragedy of epic proportions when "My So-Called Life" got axed after a mere 19 episodes.
Mark Seliger / ABC
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