Bill Clinton plays coy with Hillary's 2016 plans on 'Late Night'

Bill Clinton dodges a question about Hillary's presidential run on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

At this point, the will-she-or-won't-she games of Hillary Rodham Clinton's potential presidential bid in 2016 are becoming ridiculous. The Clintons will announce when they're ready to announce and not a minute before.

But that didn't stop "Late Night" host Seth Meyers from giving it a shot on Wednesday night with his guest, former President Bill Clinton.

"I want to get away from politics for a minute and talk about real estate," Meyers said. "Do you think you might live in a different house in 2016?"

The audience got the gag. Clinton got the gag. But unfortunately, Meyers' wording allowed the former president just the right amount of wiggle room he needed to get away from answering.

"Well, I hope not, because 2016 is the election year and I don't have anyplace to move," he responded.

Point to Clinton.

Meyers took it in stride and moved on to other matters. But we saw once again what a masterful user of language Clinton is.

Remember, this is a man who once debated the definition of the word "is."

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