Bill Gates really wants to create a viral video on 'Late Night'

Bill Gates may be focusing on his philanthropy these days, but he hasn't dropped out of the tech world completely. And if the hip, young buzzword these days is "viral," then Gates wants a piece of that.

Gates appeared on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday and shared his wish to have a viral video. Fallon has made it something of a specialty on his late-night show to whip up viral videos, so the request made sense.

Yet somehow, Fallon didn't seem too keen on the idea. Even in the interests of promoting Gates' website,, which features Gates' report on improving global poverty and disease.

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"It's hard to make a viral video," Fallon told the Microsoft chairman.

Then Gates showed Fallon exactly what he had in mind. And if you've ever wanted to see Bill Gates in a variety of funny hats and wigs, then boy, this will be like Christmas morning for you.

Fallon's reaction was less than enthused.

"We don't have time for that," he said.

Meanwhile, the video is there, ripe for the viral-ing. Do you carry out Gates' wishes and share it? Or sit on it? The choice is yours.


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