Brian Williams 'raps' 'Gin and Juice' on 'The Tonight Show'

Brian Williams 'raps' 'Gin and Juice' on 'The Tonight Show'
Brian Williams raps Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice."

NBC News anchor Brian Williams was a guest on "The Tonight Show" on Monday, and to celebrate, Jimmy Fallon introduced yet another montage of Williams "rapping" a classic song. This time, the straight-laced newsman tackled Snoop Dogg's 1994 hit, "Gin and Juice."

The songs are actually hundreds of clips of the "NBC Nightly News" edited together with Swiss watch precision. Previous installments in this ongoing survey of the history of hip-hop through the "Nightly News" have included Williams performing "Rapper's Delight" and N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton."

However, unlike previous installments, Williams himself was on-hand to discuss his unwitting second career with Fallon. And Williams seemed to have mixed feelings about the whole endeavor.

"I just don't know how to thank you," he said sarcastically.

"People somehow think I have colluded into the making of these videos," Williams said. "Let's be clear... I've never said hippity."

He also took issue with some of the news footage of himself that Fallon's team used.

"Another frame in 'Rapper's Delight' is me in the war in Baghdad, Jimmy!" Williams explained. "There was a firefight going on!"

Williams also explained to Fallon that no less than Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. approached him to say that he was a "huge figure in the rap and hip-hop community."

So what did Williams want from Fallon? An apology? A retraction of all seven of the raps aired on "The Tonight Show"?

No, Williams wanted some quality raps, like "early, pre-hearing loss Foxy Brown."

Williams also expressed discomfort that for months, some person in the NBC building New York had been doing nothing but looking at his face, trying to catch him saying different words.

Fallon informed Williams the man's name was John McDonald.

"Nice fake name," Williams replied.

Fallon's lesson? Don't poke Brian Williams unless you want him to swing back.