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'Daily Show' correspondent finds way to handle celeb nude hackers

How do you handle hackers trying to post your nude photos online? Jordan Klepper stripped naked for the world

On Wednesday, "The Daily Show" tackled the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal that has had Hollywood buzzing this week. And while Jon Stewart provided his usual criticisms of the media's coverage of the story, "senior technology correspondent" Jordan Klepper demonstrated a novel way to defeat these unknown seekers of famous naughty bits.

He stripped naked and covered himself in his personal account information -- bank numbers, log-ins and his parents' home phone number.

"In case I get lost," he said.

To Klepper, it was pointless to avoid posting nude photos of himself to the Internet.

"If I don't upload nude photos, they'll break into my house at night, yank off the covers and snap a picture of me," he said. He also added exactly what the hackers would be interested in photographing, but we'll leave that for Klepper to explain himself in the video.

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