Will Jon Stewart get Hillary Rodham Clinton to talk White House run?

Hillary Rodham Clinton to visit 'Daily Show' to plug new book, 'Hard Choices'
Will Jon Stewart get Hillary Clinton to spill on her White House aspirations?

Will Jon Stewart be able to find out if Hillary will or she won't?

Comedy Central announced Monday that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will visit "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" on Tuesday night, her first appearance on the program since 2008. 

Stewart should have plenty to discuss with his guest.

Clinton is, of course, out making the rounds to plug her new book, "Hard Choices," a memoir of her years managing U.S. diplomacy all over the world. She was paid an advance worth a reported $14 million, but the critics have dismissed the book as unrevealing, and it has not sold as well as expected.

But the bigger issue is the White House. Specifically, does Clinton want to try to live there again, more than two decades after becoming first lady? 

Speculation swirls around whether she will run again for the White House after losing the Democratic nomination in 2008 to Barack Obama, who later became her boss.

The election cycle for 2016 would likely be her last shot at the presidency. At the time voters head to their polling places for the presidential election that year, Clinton will have just turned 69.

What do you think of Clinton's scheduled appearance on "The Daily Show"? Will you tune in?

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