Lena Dunham gives a boost to Sia's 'Late Night' performance

Sia doesn't face the camera when she sings, so she got Lena Dunham to do the dancing for her.

Late-night talk show music performances can sometimes be a drag. The musical guest is performing not to an audience of dedicated fans, or even fans of music in general. They could be there to see the other guests on the show, or the host. Or just need a place that's air conditioned to sit down for awhile. But Sia Furler came up with a novel way to get people to sit up and take notice of her performance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on Monday. She got Lena Dunham to do all the face work.

The socially phobic Furler doesn't show her face when she performs, and when she promoted her new single, "Chandelier" on "Ellen" last month, she recruited the 11-year-old dancer from her video to re-create her moves live on stage. Furler stood in a corner and faced away from the audience while she sang.

On "Late Night," she one-upped herself. Gone was the 11-year-old dancer, instead it was the star and creator of the HBO critics' darling "Girls," dressed in a white suit and doing her own interpretive moves. Where was Furler? Lying facedown on a bunk bed.

Suprisingly, Furler's music hasn't yet been featured on a "Girls'" soundtrack, but maybe "Chandelier" will be the first one.

Though Dunham's interpretive dance may be viewed as a parody of the dancing in the video, it comes from the same choreographer. According to the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, Furler recruited Ryan Heffington, the song's original choreographer, to guide Dunham through her moves.

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