Liam Neeson can terrify you with a children's story

Liam Neeson can terrify you with a children's story
Liam Neeson reads a children's story on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Liam Neeson has successfully entered the "reading the phone book" phase of his stardom, which means the Irish actor could read the phone book and find a way to make it compelling. Or in the case of his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance on Wednesday, it's reading a children's bedtime story.

Different actors approach this phase in slightly different ways. Morgan Freeman makes everything seem nostalgic and godlike. Samuel L. Jackson makes things sound exasperated and annoyed.

And Neeson? Threatening as hell.

Thanks to his tough-guy roles in the "Taken" movies, "Non-Stop" and "Run All Night," Neeson has become Hollywood's go-to no-nonsense tough guy. Whether it's threatening a villain or reading "Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

Some may criticize Neeson for taking on so many similar roles, as opposed to his more eclectic choices from earlier in his career, but it seems to be a wise decision. Neeson has become the steely tough guy, now and forever. And because of that, he'll be remembered.

For Kimmel's part, this segment seems to be yet another example of the late-night host's new parenthood guiding the content of his show. He's recently done segments on the anti-vaccination movement.

While Neeson's reading may not be on the level of Jackson's "Go the ... to Sleep," it's still a comforting way for frustrated parents to end the day.

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