Mike Tyson tells Chelsea Handler how he cheated on his drug tests

Mike Tyson dropped by "Chelsea Lately" on Monday and Chelsea Handler got right down to business, asking the former prizefighter and inmate detailed questions about how he passed drug tests. And Tyson was willing, if a little embarrassed to explain.

Tyson continued to abuse drugs even as he carried on with his heavyweight career. And he was able to go undetected with the assistance of a fake penis.


"It works really effectively," Tyson said. "It just doesn't work the way you think it works. But it works if you want to pass a drug test."

"You have to have clean urine in it, of course," Tyson cautioned. "The hope is not a woman's urine that's pregnant and then you take a pregnancy test."

"That would be weird," Handler responded.

Tyson went on, "You have to make a noise and then normally you pull it out in front of the guy." He mimed taking out the fake penis and shocking the administrator overseeing the drug test.

Handler, forever needing to drill down to the topics her viewers care about most, needed to know only one more thing: "What color was your fake penis?"

It's hard to leave Tyson at a loss for words, but that question certainly seemed to throw him.

And we'll let you watch the video if you want to know the answer.