Miley Cyrus cleans up for an a capella viral video on 'Fallon'

Miley Cyrus finally put out some material suitable for a family audience on Tuesday with this a capella rendition of her single, "We Can't Stop" along with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon.

Absent twerking, nudity or anything that could possibly offend, the video paired Miley with Fallon's "Late Night" house band, led by Questlove. It even used the visual style of "The Brady Bunch" opening credits, about as wholesome a reference as one could come up with.

Besides the video, Fallon also used Miley in yet another installment of his "Real People, Fake Arms" series of sketches. In the sketch, Fallon and Miley were actors in the made-up soap opera, "Jacob's Patience." Other stars who've done the whole fake arms thing with Fallon include Justin Timberlake and Steve Carell.

The singer appeared on "Late Night" to promote her new album, "Bangerz," which was released Tuesday and is part of Cyrus' more sexed-up image, which she unveiled to great fanfare and controversy on the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Her risque live performance, combined with the first video from her new album, "Wrecking Ball," which featured a nude Miley, made it seem as though the former child star was lost to the adult world forever. At least Jimmy Fallon is doing his best to bring back the family friendly star she once was. For one viral video, anyway.