Oscars 2015: Academy president commits 'Dick Poop' gaffe

Oscars 2015: Academy president commits 'Dick Poop' gaffe
Cinematographer Dick Pope on the set of "The Illusionist." (Yari Film Group Releasing)

There were many winners and many more losers on Oscar nominations morning, but there was only one person who managed to be both at the same time: "Mr. Turner" director of photography Dick Pope. Or, as academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs mistakenly said, "Dick Poop."

That's right, in learning Thursday that he received his second Academy Award nomination, the British cinematographer had to deal with the indignity of having his name mangled into a form he may not have heard since he was on the playground.

Pope had managed to get nominated in 2007 for his work on "The Illusionist" without suffering this abuse.

Isaacs committed the mispronunciation while reading aloud the list of cinematography nominees. Though she instantly corrected herself, it was too late. "Dick Poop" had gone out over the airwaves -- and quickly was a popular topic on social media.

As Guardian film critic Mike McCahill wrote on Twitter, "Dick Poop is the new Adele Dazeem."

At last year's Oscars ceremony, presenter John Travolta mangled singer Idina Menzel's name into the bizarro Adele Dazeem. While that was a brief sensation last year, it's apparent that everyone has moved on to giggling about "Dick Poop."

The online snickering got so bad that Sony Pictures Classics, the studio distributing "Mr. Turner" in the U.S., stepped in and scolded the online crowd, "It's Dick POPE, guys."

"Bones" and "Backstrom" creator Hart Hanson responded, "Sometimes having a childish sense of humor really pays off."

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